Santiago Metal Manufacturing, Corporation

For more than 22 years, Santiago Metal has set the norm for the metal industry in Puerto Rico. Its ability to transform metals such as steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum into architectural, structural and ornamental masterpieces, which are attractive as much as they are functional. Santiago Metal is the “tried and tested” leader in manufacture, sales, installation, service and design of metal structures.

You’ll find many of our creations and collaborators within government agencies, architectural firms, engineering offices, developers and contractors. We have also worked with interior designers and private home owners.

Our mission is to bring to our clients the best quality products and guaranteed satisfaction. From the construction or restoration of a building, to staircases, garage doors, sculptures and gorgeous decoration pieces. We invite you to discuss your next project with us. Let us be partners, Santiago Metal will make it a reality…

Some of our projects:

San Juan's Natatorium
San Juan's Golf Driving Range
Naranjito's Coliseum